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VIQ Solutions Encompass Pro Suite for Courts

VIQ Solutions offers a complete range of digital court recording solutions that allow courts to significantly reduce their cost per case while improving efficiency for judges, lawyers and the legal community.

The easy-to-use digital court recording solutions make it possible for you to share case audio and information across multiple locations, at the same time allowing you to conserve storage space and save on storage media. With integrated log notes, confidence monitoring and integrated playback and transcription capabilities, VIQ's digital court recording solutions can streamline your workflow and create an easy to use, accurate and secure record of all your proceedings. If transcription is required, the transcriptionist can work from the digital record using our free, easy-to-use VIQ playback and transcription utility.

VIQ Solutions' digital court recording solutions for any courtroom environment, from all-in-one recording devices that replace aging analog tape decks, to complex, multi-location integrated audio-video systems that transfer files across servers and networks.


VIQ Solutions Continuum for Hearings and Courts

VIQ Solutions offers a range of digital recording solutions for clients who want a verbatim record of their meetings or hearings that is easy to store, search and share.

The meeting and hearing solutions are easy to use, requiring minimal input to start recording. With built-in archival capabilities, including exporting to CDs or DVDs, you never have to worry about backing up or transporting your audio. If transcription is required, the transcriptionist can work from the digital record using the free, easy-to-use VIQ playback and transcription utility.

Since many meetings or hearings occur in remote or off-site locations, we offer a range of portable solutions that can be easily transported between locations. These solutions can be independent, standalone solutions or integrated as part of a larger networked installation.

Legal/Medical Dictation

Olympus Dictation Solutions for Healthcare

Olympus Dictation Solutions for Legal

Philips Speech Processing Solutions

Converting your dictations into finished documents has never been faster

Digital dictation solutions offer a host of advantages over analog cassette-based devices and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing company workflows. The main advantages of switching over to digital dictation include:

•Greater efficiency in the organization of your work processes

•Sending of dictation jobs via your PC network

•Prioritization of urgent jobs

•Confidential data kept secure

•Generation of job lists for your transcription team

•Cassettes no longer required

•Optimal sound quality

•Simple and secure archiving

•Option to use speech recognition technology

The advantages in detail:

Greater Efficiency in the Organization of Your Work Processes  

All data are saved electronically on your PC and can be made available for processing immediately via your network. Dictations are automatically distributed, making your standard work processes quicker and highly efficient.

Prioritization of Urgent Jobs

The transcription team can clearly see which jobs are urgent and require immediate transcription by consulting their electronic jobs list. A dictation can be easily prioritized in the jobs list with just the click of a button on the dictation device.

Sending of Dictation Jobs via Your PC Network

Dictation files can be sent directly from the creator’s PC to the transcription team – either via the LAN (office network) or e-mail – and distributed among several different typists in advance. Dictations can also be sent when you are out of the office, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Optimal Sound Quality

The quality of digital sound files is excellent for transcription, minimizing errors and allowing documents to be processed more quickly. The standard headset and foot control also mean that the transcription team can continue to use the same working process that they use for analog files to transcribe the new digital sound files.

Generation of Job Lists for Your Transcription Team

Details for all dictations are available in electronic format and displayed in a clear and simple jobs list. The jobs list displays all new and ongoing jobs for the transcription team. Information such as the date and length of dictations allow the transcription team to start and complete jobs either in chronological order or based on the amount of time available to them, thus ensuring maximum time efficiency. None of this information is available when a cassette is sent to a typist in the mail!

Simple and Secure Archiving

The digital dictation files are automatically saved in archive folders, so that you can access them at a later date. The files take up very little memory space – and you won’t have to find room on the shelves and in the filing cabinets of your office.

Option to Use Speech Recognition Technology

Some digital products are compatible with Nuance speech recognition solutions, which make it possible for you to convert your spoken words into text in seconds. The system improves with each dictation and adapts to the way you speak – for guaranteed optimal results.

Confidential Data Kept Secure

Confidential and sensitive data can be protected by encrypted passwords to prevent unauthorized access and can be saved in a folder specifically for confidential data.

Cassettes No Longer Required

With digital dictation, all information is available in electronic format and clearly set out in a simple jobs list. Electronic back-ups can be made for all digital dictations, making lost or damaged tapes a thing of the past.