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VIQ Solution's Encompass Pro Suite


The Encompass Pro suite is a complete multi-tiered audio capture workflow that provides automated real-time or on-demand redundancy to a server and an unmatched suite of management utilities.

The Encompass Pro Suite consists of a customizable configuration of three key components: Encompass Workstations, the recording workstations that capture digital audio and case information; the Middle Tier Servers that serve as an intermediate repository for realtime or on-demand synchronization, providing immediate redundancy; and the Central Server; a final repository for the storage and management of audio and case information for the entire system. A single server can also be used for smaller sites.

The synchronization process copies the audio and associated case information to the next tier in the system, providing automated redundancy and backup. Synchronization can occur in real-time for instantaneous redundancy, or can be scheduled for off-peak hours to avoid overly taxing your network resources.The flexible, scalable synchronization process allows you to choose the number and configuration of servers that works for your environment.

If you need video capture, Encompass Pro AV can record up to four channels of standard or high-definition video, including feeds from IP cameras. The Encompass Pro AV suite also includes VIQ's ICM Tool for integration with case management systems. The ICM Tool allows operators to quickly create case lists from their case management system for customized recording with no date re-entry required.

Key Features

  • Multi-tiered system with central storage and access
  • Automated real-time or on-demand synchronization process for redundancy
  • Customizable interface
  • Captures up to four channels of standard or high definition video (Encompass Pro AV only)
  • Includes ICM Tool for integration with Case Management systems (Encompass Pro AV only)


Encompass Pro brochure
Encompass Pro AV brochure