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VIQ Solution's Continuum Suite


The Continuum software suite is an ideal way to make the move to a digital audio recording system. With simple recording and playback controls, Continuum's customizable graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to master. With Continuum, operators can record and monitor up to eight channels of audio, make synchronized text annotations and easily export audio and recording information in a variety of formats for backup or remote use. Continuum AV adds the ability to capture a single channel of standard definition video.

Continuum's sophisticated feature set includes the ability to export to WAV or Windows Media (WMA) format for playback in standard disk players or digital media playback software. Multimedia attachments like presentations, documents or pictures instantly become a seamless part of the digital record. For security and privacy, Continuum allows you to seal recordings, effectively restricting access to designated users, or mark portions of the audio as inadmissable.

Continuum records directly to your hard drive, so no additional server equipment is required. If you do want to archive your recordings to a central location, it just takes a few clicks of the mouse to transfer audio and case information to a server or CD/DVD for backup or remote access.

Continuum and Continuum AV are also compatible with VIQ's ICM Tool for integration with third-party case management systems (sold separately).

Key Features

  • Records up to eight channels of audio
  • Export to CDs/network locations for backup or storage
  • Capable of simultaneous video capture
  • Supports ASIO USB 2.0 digital recording devices
  • Records a single channel of standard-definition video (Continuum AV only)


Continuum brochure
Continuum AV brochure