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VIQ Solution's Supporting Products

To complement our Encompass RPC, Encompass Pro and Contiuum digital recording solutions, VIQ offers a range of supporting utilities that increase the functionality of the core recording products. Each of these supporting utilities adds a new level of sophistication to your installation. They have been designed to seamlessly integrate into the core recording suites without disruption to usability or workflow.

  • ICM Tool: The ICM Tool seamlessly integrates information form your case management system into your Encompass RPC, Encompass Pro or Continuum recording system.

  • Player Utilities: The VIQ Player allows you to access your audio, video and annotations from a remote location like your office or home.

  • Audio Importer: Audio Importer takes any MP3 file and converts it into a format that can be imported into your workflow.

  • NetScribe: NetScribe allows you to easily and seurely distribute your audio to multiple transcriptionists over the Internet for fast, efficient transcription.

  • AccessPOINT Portal: The AccessPOINT portal allows judges, lawyers and other authorized users to access case audio and transcripts over their Internet connection.