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Philips SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 revolutionizes your dictation workflow

Philips, the number one in professional dictation systems, announced the release of SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1, the latest version of the company’s enterprise-wide dictation management software solution. SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 features advanced administration tools for easy and convenient management of large groups of dictation users.

“SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 brings a wealth of benefits to IT administrators and was developed in close collaboration with IT specialists from large legal and medical entities. It reduces the strain on human resources when implementing and managing enterprise-wide, high-volume dictation workflows,” says Thomas Brauner, category leader of Philips Speech Processing.

Putting IT administrators at the helm

Profitability-conscious businesses use digital dictation to create documents. It is fast, convenient and inexpensive. Today, large groups of doctors and lawyers work with SpeechExec Enterprise in their hospitals or at their law firms. They are even able to connect from home or on the road via iPhone or Blackberry to their SpeechExec Enterprise digital dictation solution.

SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 facilitates user management with Active Directory synchronization. Administrators can set up and maintain groups or manage user rights at the click of a button. They can also allocate group management rights to heads of department, making it easier to distribute workloads more equally and flexibly.

The enhanced statistics module in SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 generates data on the dictation and transcription workflow, including work item throughput, turnaround times and used workflow types. This supports decision making and allows for the continual optimization of workflows despite changing user patterns or preferences.   SpeechExec Enterprise also possesses heightened flexibility, including system settings tailor-made to meet customer requirements – providing both options for full installation, Terminal Server and Citrix environments, and scheduled workflow options.

Seamless speech recognition integration

SpeechExec Enterprise 4.1 is aligned with Philips' philosophy of giving users the freedom of choice regarding their working preferences: dictation authors can decide whether to have their dictations transcribed by a secretary or a speech recognition system; selective automatic routing even allows them to make that choice directly on their Pocket Memo portable voice recorder. At the other end of the chain, transcriptionists have the option to highlight every word of text drafts generated via speech recognition while playing back the original recording. This makes it easier to find and correct errors.

Philips recently announced an expansion of its partnership with Nuance Communications in order to better integrate speech recognition with SpeechExec. SpeechExec Enterprise connects seamlessly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Legal and Medical to control the entire document creation workflow within one single application.