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Philips SpeechExec and Dragon Speech recognition meets workflow

Are you interested in or already using speech recognition? Do you work in an office environment where authors and assistants work together? There is only one solution that can do it all: The Philips SpeechExec Speech Recognition Workflow Extension.

SR works well, but it is nothing without workflow integration

Today’s speech recognition software may offer up to 99% recognition rate, but without automation of the document flow between authors and assistants, all the benefits just vaporize. Just importing your dictations into speech recognition software often takes more than 10 clicks and more importantly, a lot of your valuable time. With SpeechExec, all you have to do is dock your dictation recorder and the dictations are automatically downloaded and transcribed by speech recognition software.

Only Philips, as the no. 1 in professional dictation, can offer a completely future-proof solution – from businesses that plan to use speech recognition over mixed environments using speech recognition at some workplaces to speech recognition-only environments.

Outstanding benefits that ultimately make you simply work smarter

With the SpeechExec speech recognition workflow extension, speech recognition software can be fully integrated in an office workflow and support critically required features such as automatic queuing of dictations from several authors to predefined assistants, support of speech recognition in forms and templates, selective routing of dictation files to speech recognition software or assistants and many more.