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Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600

A dedicated tool for dictating professionals

Form follows function

The increasingly mobile business community, growing volumes of documentation, the pressure of rising costs and all sorts of security issues raise the bar for digital dictation devices significantly. Therefore, Philips engineered and tailor-made the Pocket Memo 9600 series to perfectly adapt to this diverse and changing business environment.

The professional dictation tool

Philips, the no. 1 in professional dictation, is in constant contact with professionals to develop and enhance the Pocket Memo 9600 series exactly to their needs. The outcome is a dedicated device that sets the new standard for dictation on the go that only a tailor-made device can deliver, be it its best-in-class ergonomics, outstanding security benefits, durable chassis or long lasting battery life.

Protecting your valuable and sensitive data

In cooperation with the NHS (National Health Service; the publicly funded healthcare system in the United Kingdom) and other important partners and customers, Philips enhanced its Pocket Memo 9600 series dictation recorders and SpeechExec Software to perfectly fit and exceed highest security standards. Leap into a secure and protected future – with Philips dictation solutions.

Philips SpeechExec workflow software and Pocket Memo lead the way to a secure future that lasts

Losing your corporate data means losing money and customer's trust

Data theft has already cost the corporate world a trillion US dollars and this figure is only expected to get worse. Over the past five years, data has grown by 900% and is expected to top 1.8 billion terabytes in 2011. It’s not only the amount of data that is growing, but also corporate dependency on this data, as – in the wrong hands – it can be used to hurt your company’s brand, revenue, stock price, and trust in the marketplace.

That is why it has become harder and at the same time more important for organizations to protect their confidential information. Losing or leaking corporate data is like throwing money away and letting the people who pose the biggest threat to your organization pick it up and use it against you.

Threats that come from the inside

Data stored on the corporate network is at risk because it is more accessible than ever. Organizations provide easy access to databases for information and knowledge sharing. Approximately one fourth of employees surveyed in a study done by Cisco admitted sharing sensitive information with friends, family, or even strangers.

Almost half of employees surveyed shared work devices with people outside the company without supervision, resulting in more than 250 million confidential records reported lost or stolen in the last two years.

The Philips Pocket Memo 9600 series can be configured as write-protected device, ensuring that no sensitive data leaves the corporate environment. And as the big picture is only as good as the sum of its small details, with the Philips SpeechExec remote device management software, administrators can centrally configure the Philips Pocket Memo 9600 series devices as read-only. This saves valuable time and resources and at the same time brings corporate security to the next level.

256 bit encryption – protects your data in real-time

In today's connected world, protecting information assets from sophisticated hacking techniques is an extremely tough challenge. Driven by the rising tide of organized cyber-crime, targeted attacks are increasingly aimed at stealing valuable internal information.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that important data is encrypted and of no value to external data thieves.

With Philips SpeechExec 7.1 and the Pocket Memo 9600 series, dictation files are encrypted in the highest level of encryption to date – 256 bit – compliant with the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Your dictation files are encrypted in real-time while recording, protecting every single word instantly.

Benefits of a professional device, engineered for dictation

Tailor-made for dictation

The Pocket Memo 9600 series was made for one purpose only: dictation. No disturbing alarms, emails, incoming calls, short battery life – with the Pocket Memo you can get your job done.

Best-in-class ergonomics

Designed for one thumb operation with the highly ergonomic 4-position switch, the Pocket Memo 9600 series allows the user to blindly operate their dictation device. When it comes to user-friendliness there is nothing that beats real buttons with tactile feedback.

Outstanding durability

The ergonomically shaped light-weight metal body and large shock-resistant LCD display are ideal for working over longer periods of time as well as sturdy and durable.

Professional microphone

The unique high quality microphone built-in the Pocket Memo 9600 series was engineered for professional voice recording for best speech accuracy.

Bandwidth and storage space-friendly

The Pocket Memo 9600 records in the highly efficient .dss pro format, which was specifically designed for recording voice at incredibly high quality and reduced file size. This guarantees low network traffic and small storage space.

Read only device configuration

Only Philips offers a professional dictation recorder which supports full write-protection, allowing businesses to close the number one source of data leakage. The Pocket Memo 9600 series can be configured as a read-only device, preventing it from being used as removable USB mass storage.

100% bugproof

In today’s connected world almost all electronic devices can be attacked from outside, be it from mobile networks or Wi-Fi. With the Pocket Memo 9600 series you can be sure that your data is encrypted and safely stored on a memory card for maximum security